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VET-HOME is a new VA program using telehealth to serve Veterans with military environmental exposures. In fact, VET-HOME’s top priority is taking care of Veterans who are eligible for an environmental health registry evaluation. Environmental health registry evaluations are free medical assessments offered to Veterans who were deployed to certain countries during specific times.

They include:

  • a detailed exposure history
  • special attention to any symptoms or abnormalities potentially related to military environmental exposures
  • a physical exam or review of a previous physical exam.

Find out if you're eligible for one of VA's six environmental health registry programs:

Additional information about Military Environmental Exposures can be found on VA's Public Health Military Exposures page.
Learn more about what VET-HOME offers, eligibility requirements for Veterans, and more on VA's Public Health VET-HOME page.

VET-HOME services

Learn about the resources VA offers Veterans with military environmental exposures, including participation in one of our 6 registry programs.

Schedule a FREE telehealth environmental health registry evaluation with a VET-HOME clinician if you are eligible.

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